10 Good Reasons To Use Dial Up Internet

Everything seems to be going faster these days. The cars go faster, the phones are faster and of course one of the big ones is the fact that the internet is faster. Everyone is on the go and they want everything else to go fast too.. This has some people switching to cable and dsl for their internet connection. The only problem is that these connections can cost quite a bit and besides for that they can be even higher if you do not get a “bundle” which means they are pushing their products on you. Let’s look at 10 good reasons to use dial up internet.

Speeds Have Gotten Faster

It’s true, when dial up was first out it was slower than a snail. I remember sitting at my desk and just waiting for one page to load. Between the slow internet and my slow computer I remember waiting 30 minutes one time – not cool! I tried to get a business started online and it was near impossible because the the internet was so slow. Now there are even accelerators that are connected with the service providers to make for an improved experience.

Dial Up Is Inexpensive

If you are not going to be constantly watching streaming movies and online all of the time having dsl and cable could almost be a waste of money. You can get dial up that will allow you to easily surf the web and gather the information you need at rock bottom prices because the dial up companies are serious about keeping their customers. You can get dial up internet for as little as 10% of what you would pay for dsl or cable.

Usually Includes Anti-Virus Software

Most of the time these ISPs are going to provide you with an anti virus software for your computer. This will save you a lot of money since paid anit virus programs can cost you quite a little bit of money.

Usually Includes Pop Up Blocker

If you have ever been hit with pop ups you know just how annoying they can be. Your dial up ISP will usually provide you with a pop up blocker as well. This will allow you to keep the speed of your connection. If you do not have a pop up blocker you may find that your computer gets frozen because of all of the graphics and quick loading that the pop ups require.

Unlimited Access

Sometimes there are providers that only want to give you a certain amount of access and then charge you extra. High quality dial up providers are going to give you unlimited access so that you can surf the web whenever you want to. Imagine being able to search for any type of information that you need and having no limitations on the amount of information that you can get.

Usually Includes Spam Protection

Sick of getting all of that spam into your inbox? Another great perk of having dial up is that they are going to give you spam protection. You will see spam zapped and your valuable time will not be taken fighting spam anymore.

No Credit Card Required

Some places are going to require you to have a credit card. Dial up providers understand that some people may not have a credit card. If you do not have a credit card then dial up may be a good option for you.

Locations Available

Many times DSL and cable are not available in areas that are far out of the way. This is why dial up is so great. You can get dial up anywhere that you can get a phone line and almost every house is able to get a phone line.

No Extensive Installation

Speaking of cable and DSL, you don’t have to get a hole put in your wall. Just plug in your dial up modem and install your software from a CD. You can do it all yourself, it won’t take an hour, and you don’t have to clean up after the cable guy’s shoes.

Reliable Customer Service

Dial up companies are serious about keeping their customers happy and giving their customers the best experience possible. Reliable customer service is important and they make sure that this is what they offer.

Now you know a little bit more about dial up and why it is a good option for you. These are just 10 good reasons to use dial up internet. I am sure that you can think of your own as you continue to use the service and learn more about it.

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