Dial Up Internet

There are several great dial up Internet providers that offer users an economical way to get online virtually anywhere they might be in the World as long as they are near a telephone line.  With dial up Internet the process is simple:

  1. Make sure your computer has a modem (pre-installed in most computers).
  2. Research the various dial up Internet providers to find the one that offers you the most features coupled with the greatest number of local access phone numbers (phone numbers in your area).
  3. Once you select your ISP you generally only need to download and install the software from the provider and that will walk you through the rest of the steps required to get your Internet access up-and-running.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to using a dial up Internet provider.  In general your connection to the Internet is slower than it is with other Internet services (broadband Internet, wideband Internet, wireless Internet, etc.).  The main advantage is cost as you can get Internet connectivity for almost  1/4th of what it normally costs (sometimes mch more) to get connected.  Throughout our blog we will do our best to point out advantages and disadvantages and we hope to help you make a great decision on choosing your next Internet service.

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